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Some Mamas boobs are so good at producing milk, they keep going even when baby isn't feeding! If you have a strong flow and find that your breasts leak milk while baby is feeding on the other side, our breast shells will help you to keep your clothes dry, prevent soreness and most importantly minimise wasted milk.


No crying over spilled milk!
Your body is putting a ton of work into creating this amazing milk for your baby, so it's upsetting to see it leaking away and soaking into your clothes or the furniture! Put these breast shells into your top to collect any leaked milk during or in between feeds. Each one holds up to 60ml of milk which can then be poured from the easy flow spout into a bottle and stored or fed to your baby.

Protects sore nips
When delicate nipples become sore the feeling of clothing rubbing on them can be very uncomfortable. These shells create an air dome around the nipple, lifting clothing away from the skin and allowing air to flow through the ventilation holes. This allows skin to dry, breathe and prevents further chafing.

Everything You Need
The Fraupow Milk Savers are part of Fraupow's breastfeeding support system. The range includes an award winning hands free electric pump and a manual milk collector. Fraupow's bottles, milk collection bags and other feeding accessories provide everything you need to make pumping and feeding as hassle free as possible.

What's in my box

2 x Breastmilk Collection Shells

Key Features

60ml Capacity (per cup)
Pour spout
Ventilation hole
BPA Free

Shaped for you - The BPA free plastic is shaped to sit comfortably on the breast and under clothing. The underside has dots which gently massage the breast whilst helping the shell to stay in place so you can forget you're wearing it and focus on your baby.

Practical for everyday use - Just like a breast pump or bottle, breast shells should be cleaned and sterilised between every use. The Fraupow Milk Savers are safe to sterilise and pop open for easy cleaning. The pack contains two shells, so you can wear both at once, or just have one in use and one in the steriliser during feeds.

Specialist Aftercare

Fraupow is run by women for women, and we are big on supporting you through this. That's why we offer free consultations with a qualified midwife with every Fraupow Wearable Pump. Our expert midwives are fully UK qualified and ready to support you.

Our technical team is always on hand to help with any product queries you may have.
You can book dedicated time with our team and midwives here.

Recommended by The Breastfeeding Doctor

“I recommend Fraupow products because the range has been thoughtfully designed for both Mother and Baby through all stages of breastfeeding. The support services offered by Fraupow alongside the products can make a huge difference to post-natal mental health and breastfeeding success. As a specialist Breastfeeding Doctor I am impressed by Fraupow’s approach and recommend their products to the patients I see at my London clinic."

- Dr Sharon Silberstein, MD IBCLC, The Breastfeeding Doctor

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Milk Savers
Milk Savers
Milk Savers
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Free baby feeding course

We’ve partnered with Midwife Marley and NowBaby TV to create a comprehensive guide to breastfeeding and expressing. This video course is packed with tips for a great latch, positioning, problem solving and more. Even better, it’s free for all Fraupow customers!

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