Hi, how can we help?

Feeding your baby is a very personal experience, so at Fraupow we guarantee a personal service. Our small team based in the UK and Europe will do their very best to answer your questions with care and detail and support you with your pumping journey.

We can offer support with...

The research stage

- When you're reading every website out there and comparing all the different pumping gear it can get overwhelming! No question is too big, too small or too silly. If you have a question about Fraupow pumps or accessories throw them at us and we'll explain things in the most honest and straightforward way we can, without all the marketing waffle.

Pumping and feeding

- If you've tried out your Fraupow Pump and things aren't 'flowing' as smoothly as you'd hoped, don't give up! Chat with us about your issues. Every boob and every baby is different and sometimes you just need a bit of tailored advice from an experienced person to help it all fall into place.


- Every Fraupow Breast Pump has a one year guarantee, and we prefer happy customers to empty promises! If you're having any problems at all with your pump please let us know, we want to fix it and get you pumping again ASAP. (Check our reviews if you're not convinced!)

If you are a Fraupow customer you have access to our free midwive support services. Our in house midwife team are here to help you with your pregnancy and maternal queries. Book your 20 minute audio/video call on our home page or click "CHAT" for our live chat service on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


- We love working with press, influencers and likeminded brands. If you'd like to work with us just drop us a line so we can turn on the charm.

So whether you're wondering about any of the above, or something else entirely, please fill in this form and one of our team members will get in touch