Our aim is to support women so that they can enjoy pumping and confidently and comfortably feed their child. We're all about nurturing and nourishing, that's nurturing yourself and prioritising self-care in order to nourish your baby and develop your feeding bond. Many women stop breastfeeding for many reasons, but if we can help someone through the tough stuff by providing tools that help them to produce milk effortlessly whenever and wherever they need to, then we've done what we hoped to do.

Fraupow was founded by Sunita, a Mum who recognised that whilst breastfeeding your baby is natural, it isn't always easy. Having good support emotionally and physically can make a world of difference, and having the right kit that works when it counts can really underpin all the effort a Mum is putting in to provide her milk to her baby.

With toddler on her lap, cross-legged on her bed (as her husband had hijacked the home office), she created Fraupow in 2020, in the mddle of the pandemic. She believed with all the stress we were all experiencing collectively, the last thing mums needed to stress about was pumping. Fraupow is an everyday pump for the everyday mum. While most hands-free breast pumps on the market might set you back hundreds of pounds, she thought “well that’s insane”, and worked on selling one that is comfortable and affordable for everyone.

And guess what? You’re on our website, so that means she did it! Welcome!

From the mum who runs in the park with a stroller (respect) to the mum who hasn’t gotten out of her pyjamas in three days (also respect). Fraupow is here for you and your maternal needs.