Mum’s the Word

Founded by a woman, for women, our founder knows a thing or two about what it’s like to be a mum - from cuddles and kisses to tantrums and tears (some her own) - if you’ve experienced it, she’s experienced it.

Born to Indian immigrants and raised in the UK by a family that included many powerful women, it’s pretty safe to say that from day one - women have been on her mind. She moved to Switzerland, had a most dreamy pregnancy, had her daughter, and everything after that was perfect forever.

If only it had been that easy!

Like many mums, she struggled with breastfeeding and the pressure that comes with it. We’re all expected to be naturals at a task we’ve never done before, and the toll of it all was enough to make her want to throw in the burp towel. Luckily, she had fantastic family around to help her get through this difficult time.

With the support she received from her family, she realized how important it was to support other women through their own difficult journeys with breast feeding, and while she couldn’t go to every women’s house and coach them on the basics of breastfeeding, (and honestly, this might have crossed a business-professional line or two), she could help them in other ways.

With toddler on her lap, cross-legged on her bed (as her husband had hijacked the home office), she created Fraupow in 2020, amid uncertain times. She believed with all the stress we were all experiencing collectively, the last thing mums needed to stress about was pumping. She offers an everyday pump for the everyday mum. While most hands-free breast pumps on the market might set you back hundreds of pounds, she thought “well that’s insane”, and worked on selling one that is comfortable and affordable for everyone.

And guess what? You’re on our website, so that means she did it! Welcome!

From the mum who runs in the park with a stroller (respect) to the mum who hasn’t gotten out of her pyjamas in three days (also respect). Fraupow is here for you and your maternal needs.