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Wearable Breast Pump (Upgraded 2023)

FRAUPOW - £89.99 GBP


Pump breastmilk effortlessly and discreetly in comfort

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Featured collection

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Every boob and every baby is different. Breastfeeding is a very personal experience, so the Fraupow Pump has 7 different sized flanges to cup your breast comfortably, and 12 different intensity levels so that you can adjust it to suit your flow. Wires and tubes get in the way, so we've created a pump that simply doesn't have them, so you can focus on nurturing your baby. 


Finding it hard to fit pumping in around the million other things you have to do as a Mum? The Fraupow pump sits inside your bra and runs on rechargeable battery, so that you can pump discreetly and comfortably whilst relaxing, looking after your baby, working, or whatever else you need to get on with. Pumping should be part of your day, not get in the way of your day. 


Breast milk is precious, don't waste a drop! The anti-spill and anti-leak design of the Fraupow pump means you can move around while pumping and still catch all that good nutritious milk. If you find that one breast leaks while you feed on the other, you can use the Fraupow pump to catch the leaked milk, and still hold your baby close for uninterrupted skin to skin contact as you feed.