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Take control of your flow with the Fraupow Squeeze Manual Breast Pump. The lightweight, fuss free pump that lets you express at your own speed.


Suction to suit you 

Like to be in control? We hear you! This pump puts you in charge as you squeeze the ergonomic handle to create suction that's comfortable for you. Whether you prefer a slow and steady let down, or you need your pump to match your fast flow, you can listen to your body and respond to how it feels as you squeeze this manual pump to create gentle suction.

There are two levels of suction to choose from, so you can find your flow and pump without pain.



Whether you want to feed your baby shortly after pumping or you're working on your freezer stash, this lightweight sucker can be used as your only pump, or can be great to tuck into your bag as an alternative to your electric pump when you're out and about and you just need something simple to help release some milk.



Breastmilk is the most precious fluid on earth, so you don't want to waste a drop! Your milk will flow straight into the 200ml storage bottle, which screws firmly into the pump. When you've finished pumping you can remove the pump from the top and swap it for a Fraupow storage lid or bottle teat. The pump top is interchangeable with Fraupow's range of storage and feeding bottles, so you can pump and prep conveniently whenever it suits you.

What's in my box

Manual Breast Pump

24mm Flange

28mm Flange

200ml Milk Collection Bottle

Made from BPA Free, 100% Food Grade Silicone

Key Features

Fully portable

Large capacity - 200ml

Easy to take apart and clean

Comfortable and painless suction with two levels to choose from

BPA Free

Made from food grade silicone

Specialist Aftercare

Fraupow is run by women for women, and we are big on supporting you through this. That's why we offer free consultations with a qualified midwife with every Fraupow Wearable Pump. Our expert midwives are fully UK qualified and ready to support you.

Our technical team is always on hand to help with any product queries you may have.
You can book dedicated time with our team and midwives here.

Recommended by The Breastfeeding Doctor

“I recommend the Squeeze Manual Breast Pump as it’s an effective way to express breast milk, without discomfort. When a woman is lactating her breasts will produce milk which can become uncomfortable and lead to mastitis if this milk is not removed by her baby or by expressing. This manual pump is a great tool for Mums who only want to pump occasionally, or who are away from their baby for a temporary period, but who don’t want to invest in an electric pump.”

- Dr Sharon Silberstein, MD IBCLC, The Breastfeeding Doctor

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Squeeze Manual Breast Pump
Squeeze Manual Breast Pump
Squeeze Manual Breast Pump
Squeeze Manual Breast Pump
Squeeze Manual Breast Pump
Squeeze Manual Breast Pump
Fraupow Expert support

Free baby feeding course

We’ve partnered with Midwife Marley and NowBaby TV to create a comprehensive guide to breastfeeding and expressing. This video course is packed with tips for a great latch, positioning, problem solving and more. Even better, it’s free for all Fraupow customers!

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