Wearable Breast Pump (Upgraded 2023)


The Fraupow Hands-Free Breast Pump allows busy mums to pump milk whilst getting on with all the other stuff they need to do. It is lightweight, wire-free and fits inside your bra, and was created to support Mums. 

Key Features

4 Pumping Modes: Massage/Expression/Lactation/Auto 

12 Intensity Levels 

Powerful suction: Max 300 mmHg

Anti-Leak Hands-Free Design

Large Capacity: 180ml

Full LED Touch Screen

Battery level indicator

USB Type C charging port

Strong battery life (up to 100 minutes)

20 minute automatic shut-off timer

Material: Food grade silicone

Weight: 218g

Battery: 1000Ah (included)

Your order includes:

- Motor pump with Full LED Touch Screen

- 24mm flange x 1

- Duck bill valve x 1

- Collecting Cup x 1

- Linker x 1

- USB Charging Cable (Type C)

- Bra extenders x 2

- Replacement Valve x 1 

- Replacement Seal Rings x 2

- Midwife Support Calls x 3 (20 Min Sessions)

 Award winning

Made For Mums Award 2023 - Gold, Best Wearable Pump

Loved By Parents 2023 - Gold, Best Electronic Breast Pump

Lover By Parents 2023 - Silver, Best Portable Feeding Product

Dadsnet Awards 2022 - Gold, Best Feeding Product

Nursery Online Awards 2022 - Gold, Best Breastfeeding Product

Made For Mums Awards 2022 - Silver, Best Wearable Pump

Project Baby Awards 2021 - Gold, Best Electric Pump


Finding it hard to fit pumping in around the million other things you have to do as a Mum? The Fraupow pump sits inside your bra and runs on rechargeable battery, so that you can pump discreetly and comfortably whilst relaxing, looking after your baby, working, or whatever else you need to get on with. Pumping should be part of your day, not get in the way of your day. 


Every boob and every baby is different. Breastfeeding is a very personal experience, so the Fraupow Pump has different sized flanges to cup your breast comfortably, and 12 different intensity levels so that you can adjust it to suit your flow. Made from lightweight, durable, and BPA-free silicone materials, its ergonomic silhouette fits the shape of you and your schedule. Wires and tubes get in the way, so we've created a pump that simply doesn't have them, so you can focus on nurturing your baby. 


Our pump uses advanced air-pressure pulse technology that expresses milk but avoids irritation and discomfort. Much like the great mums who use it, it’s powerful and gentle at the same time, allowing you an efficient and comfortable pump every time. The USB rechargeable battery ensures up to 100 minutes pumping after a full charge. It's cordless and ridiculously portable!


Breast milk is precious, don't waste a drop! The anti-spill and anti-leak design of the Fraupow pump means you can move around while pumping and still catch all that good nutritious milk. If you find that one breast leaks while you feed on the other, you can use the Fraupow pump to catch the leaked milk, and still hold your baby close for uninterrupted skin to skin contact as you feed. 

Lighter than the leading alternative it weighs in at just 218g, and it also holds 180ml of milk - 30ml more than the competition, meaning that mums can pump greater quantities without having to stop to empty the milk chamber or change bottles. 


The Fraupow Wearable Electric Pump is loaded with features that ensure it keeps up with or beats other pumps, at less than half the price of the leading competition. Fraupow believes in helping mums do the hardest job, without breaking the bank. 


UK Mums can now access midwife support at the touch of a button, on their phone or computer, thanks to the live chat and video call service from Fraupow. Whether you are pregnant and have a question, or need advice on feeding your baby up to a year old, Fraupow can connect you with a real midwife to help you at www.fraupow.com 

The last thing you need when you have a hungry baby is a problem with your pump! If you need help with your Fraupow product, you can access customer support at www.fraupow.com. We can advise which would be the best product for you, help you get going with it and fix any issues quickly and easily. 

Everything You Need

The Fraupow Hands-Free Breast Pump fits with the other products in Fraupow's breastfeeding support system. There are a range of different sized flanges and inserts available for the pump so that you can tailor it to your needs, and Fraupows bottles, milk collection bags, reusable breast pads and other feeding accessories provide everything you need to make pumping and feeding as hassle free as possible.