10 Tips on Night Pumping

Check out our top 10 tips for night pumping, without bumping around!
  1. Keep a breastfeeding station close to your bed to save you time and energy, complete with all your Fraupow essentials! 
  2. If you have the Fraupow wearable pump, sit up against your headboard and pump in bed so you are still in a semi relaxed state. Don’t worry if you fall asleep as there is a 30 minute auto shut down so you won’t wake up 2 hours later with sore nips!! 
  3. If you are waking with baby it is easy to nurse on one breast while pumping or collecting milk with the Fraupow milk collector on the other side, it helps stimulate the milk flow.
  4. Keep lights low if you can. Use a dimmer or bedside soft light lamp so you can sleep quicker after pumping without disturbing your melatonin.
  5. Once you have pumped use our storage bottles or bags to preserve the milk and it can be kept at room temperature for up to 6 hours.If you think you will be sleeping for longer than this refrigerate! If you are an exclusive pumper a mini fridge in the bedroom could be a good investment, or place a cooler with ice packs near your bed to store your precious milk.
  6. Listen to a podcast or audiobook while pumping. The pump is 40 decibals so should not disturb you or your sleeping partner! We love the Motherkind podcast and Boobingit - you can find them on any podcast platform.
  7. Use pump wipes to clean the pump and clean thoroughly in the morning, so you're all ready for the next round of pumping.
  8. Pump just before you lay your head on your pillow so you can get as much sleep as possible before you have to wake for the next pumping session
  9. Set your alarm for your night pump. It’s hard to wake up especially when you’re a new mum. Use a vibrating alarm if you don’t want to wake up anyone else in the house.
  10. Treat yourself - You deserve it! Whether it's a snack after your pumping session, a Netflix series you only watch whilst night pumping or a spot of online shopping!

Happy Pumping!