Silver Healing Cups

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Treat your sore nipples to the protective environment of our Pure Silver Breast Cups.  

Why silver?
Silver is a natural material that in its purest form can benefit the skin. Studies and years of use have shown it to be antibacterial and to aid in creating a healing environment for sore skin. Wearing silver breast cups against nipples that have had a breastfeeding workout can soothe and provide relief.

Pure 999 silver
These Breast Cups are made from 999 silver - that means they are 99.9% silver and do not contain nickel or any other metals.

Shaped to protect your nipple
Our Silver Breast Cups are shaped to comfortably sit over your nipples, with silicone rims that hold in place against your bra or clothing. Put a dab of breastmilk or water inside the rim before applying and they will lightly stick to the skin. Once in place they will protect nipples from chafing caused by friction from clothing. 

Can be used for years
Rather than constantly buying disposable breast pads, creams and lotions Mums can buy (or be gifted!) one set of Fraupow Pure Silver Breast Cups and use them for many years - for this baby and any more to come! If properly stored they will last for decades and be a reliable companion to all those feeds.

What's in my box

2 x Pure Silver Breast Cups

Suedette storage pouch

Silicone ring holders

Key Features

Made of pure 999 silver

Nickel free

Available in two sizes

Fits over the nipple

Includes silicone rings to keep cups in place

Specialist Aftercare

Fraupow is run by women for women, and we are big on supporting you through this. That's why we offer free consultations with a qualified midwife with every Fraupow Wearable Pump. Our expert midwives are fully UK qualified and ready to support you.

Our technical team is always on hand to help with any product queries you may have.
You can book dedicated time with our team and midwives here.

Recommended by The Breastfeeding Doctor

“I recommend Fraupow products because the range has been thoughtfully designed for both Mother and Baby through all stages of breastfeeding. The support services offered by Fraupow alongside the products can make a huge difference to post-natal mental health and breastfeeding success. As a specialist Breastfeeding Doctor I am impressed by Fraupow’s approach and recommend their products to the patients I see at my London clinic."

- Dr Sharon Silberstein, MD IBCLC, The Breastfeeding Doctor

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Silver Healing Cups
Silver Healing Cups
Silver Healing Cups
Silver Healing Cups
Fraupow Expert support

Free baby feeding course

We’ve partnered with Midwife Marley and NowBaby TV to create a comprehensive guide to breastfeeding and expressing. This video course is packed with tips for a great latch, positioning, problem solving and more. Even better, it’s free for all Fraupow customers!

You can find details on how to access in your order confirmation email